Rajasthan general GK In Hindi 2022

Rajasthan general GK In Hindi 2022


Rajasthan general GK In Hindi 2022

1. According to the Election Commission, the youth who have attained the age of how many years can apply for the voter card in advance?
[A] 15
[B] 16
[c] 17
[d] 18

Correct Answer: C [17]

According to the Election Commission of India (ECI), people above the age of 17 can now apply in advance for enrollment in the voter list.
The voter list will be updated every quarter. Earlier, following the recommendations of the Election Commission, the Law Ministry amended the Representation of the People Act to provide four qualifying dates: 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October, as eligibility for youth to register in the electoral rolls.

2. Which racing driver won the ‘2022 Hungarian Grand Prix’ title?
[A] Lewis Hamilton
[B] Max Verstappen
[C] George Russell
[D] Sebastian Vettel

Correct Answer: B [Max Verstappen]

Red Bull ace Racing driver Max Verstappen won the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix from 10th on the starting grid.
Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton finished second, while his Mercedes teammate George Russell finished third and pole for the first time in his F1 career. The win was Verstappen’s 8th win of the season and 28th of his career.

3. When is ‘Muslim Women’s Rights Day’ celebrated?
[A] 31st July
[B] 1st August
[C] August 3
[D] August 5

Correct Answer: B [1st August]

‘Muslim Women’s Rights Day’ is celebrated every year on 1st August to celebrate the enforcement of the law against the ‘Triple Talaq’ rule.
Triple talaq, also known as talaq-e-biddat, was made illegal and as per the law the offenders would be jailed for up to 3 years and also pay a fine.

Which is the first Indian city to publish transport emissions data in collaboration with Google?
[A] Pune
[B] Chennai
[C] Aurangabad
[D] Guwahati

Correct Answer: C [Aurangabad]

Aurangabad has become the first country in the country to release Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) data from Google.
Under the EIE feature, cities measure, analyze carbon emission sources and identify strategies to reduce emissions. In India the EIE facility is available only for Aurangabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune and Aurangabad is the first city to make transport emissions data public.

5.Pingali Venkayya, whose birth anniversary has been celebrated recently, is remembered for which contribution?
[A] Leading in the First War of Independence
[B] Compilation of National Anthem
[C] Designing the National Flag
[D] Winning India’s first foreign sports medal

Correct Answer: C [Designing the National Flag]

The birth anniversary of Pingali Venkayya, the designer of the national flag of India was celebrated recently. To mark the event, the central government released a special commemorative postage stamp.
He was born on August 2, 1876 in Andhra Pradesh. Pingali Venkaiah designed many models of the national flag. In 1921, Mahatma Gandhi approved the design during a meeting of the Indian National Congress in Vijayawada.

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